Briefing on how to enrol in NZ uni

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BRUNEIAN students wanting to enroll in the University of Otago should apply through their school’s career section or the Ministry of Education (MoE) to avoid disappointment on missing out, said representatives from Brunei’s Student Association in New Zealand.

Wong Tzee Wuen, a local third year medical student at the University of Otago, told The Brunei Times yesterday that direct application to the university were more likely to be unsuccessful than application through MoE, as the ministry and university share a memorandum of understanding.

Speaking at a sharing session with Pre-University students from Saiyyidina Ali Secondary School (SMSA) in Belait yesterday, Wong and two other Bruneian students from Otago encouraged students to seek assistance from their career centres.

“For us our approach was to apply through our school’s career centre, who then relayed the application to MoE, who later called us for interview. You need to go through the proper channels,” said the third year student.

Meanwhile, Wai’e Hj Ajamain and Edmund Chew, who are taking medicine and dentistry respectively, said that the length of their courses — six years plus and additional two years of internship — should not intimidate those who are passionate about the medical field.

“The most common question we get while doing these sharing sessions with students is that most of the students are concerned that the course will be too hard.

“While it can be challenging, if you have the right mind set and are genuinely interested you can make it. There are less distractions in Otago, compared to Auckland or Wellington as well,” said Edmund.

Wai’e said the number of Bruneians enrolling in Otago fluctuated between six and 11 every year, almost all of them are pursuing medical related degrees.

The group of three have also visited Maktab Duli PMAMB, Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College and the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre, with one more talk scheduled at Meragang Sixth Form Centre.

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