Times Cineplex to open 4th branch

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TIMES Cineplex is planning to open its fourth branch by the middle of this year at the newly opened Sentral Shopping Centre in Kuala Belait.

Abby Lim, general manager of KBSentral Property Management, said Bruneians could expect the cinema’s four screens to offer the same level of quality as the other Times branches.

KBSentral will also be launching a hotel with 37 rooms and nine serviced apartments located on the upper floors of the complex during the same period, as Lim targets Sentral to be Belait’s first one-stop shopping mall.

“The complex is scheduled for a phase by phase opening, but we have already secured the majority of our tenants, and the public can expect these shops and eateries to open within the next few months,” she said.

Built at an estimated cost of between $40 million to $50 million, Sentral Shopping Centre will attempt to distinguish itself from neighbouring malls in Miri by offering higher-quality products not typically found across the border.

“We do anticipate the competition (with Miri shopping malls) and we are focusing on making it known that we do have quality stores here offering products and services of a high standard,” she said.

Lim also hopes the mall will attract customers from Miri, noting that cars from the border could be seen at sushi restaurants and retail stores such as SupaSave in Belait on weekends.

“It’s true that certain products are cheaper in Miri, but at the same time, you see cars from Miri coming to Brunei either for products they can’t find there or because of the quality of ingredients used by some of our restaurants.

“With the import tax being at a minimum here, we are confident we can compete by offering good quality at fair prices,” she added.

She also said there has been a strong response from locals to work in various companies at the mall, with Bruneians making up 95 per cent of all employees.

Sentral Shopping Centre opened its doors on Tuesday, with Jaya Hypermarket, SugarBun and a snow playground currently operating.

The Brunei Times