Fire breaks out at Cosmopolitan College

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A SMALL fire broke out at one of the classrooms of the Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology at The Airport Mall last night.

Fazal Hashim, an IT lecturer at the college, said the fire originated from faulty wiring above a lighting panel on the ceiling of the classroom, shortly before a 7pm class was scheduled to begin.

According to a college representative, an electric short circuit caused the incident, with their college principal assuring that preventive measures had been taken.

The students in the class who noticed the fire and smoke emanating, immediately informed three lecturers present - who then contacted the complex’s security who promptly dealt with the situation using a fire extinguisher.

The Fire and Rescue Department, who were also notified, arrived shortly thereafter, and made sure there was no added risk of a fire breaking out.

Faza said all the college’s classes were cancelled last night, with the college adding in a statement that a detailed investigation was carried out based on evidence collected.

The Brunei Times