More jobseekers searching online for part-time work

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TASCHE, a local company providing an online platform for part-time jobseekers, has seen an increase in the number of people signing up for its services.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, its Chief Operation Officer Michelle Yang, said currently the company has over 800 sign ups from local jobseekers.

“Previously, we had about 200 people signing with us and the number has increased over time.”

The rise in the number of people seeking for part-time jobs with the startup shows that they need more more partnerships with both investors or businesses in order to meet the growing demand.

“We need more businesses to join us to cater to the pool of increasing part-time jobseekers. Currently, we supply workforce to six businesses which are mostly restaurants and eateries,” said Yang.

She further said that previously the startup supplied to 25 businesses that are in need of part-timers to assist them in events.

Tasche is currently working on developing a mobile application for its online portal service to provide ease of access for users

Interested applicants can email the founders at or access its website at

The Brunei Times