54-year-old man is well and back in Brunei

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A LOCAL Chinese man reported missing in Sarawak has returned safely to Brunei on Thursday evening after his relatives and friends managed to find him in a hotel in Miri.

Siblings of the 54-year old missing man told The Brunei Times yesterday that their brother had been involved in an accident on the road connecting Miri and Bintulu, with the Miri Police temporarily impounding his car.

The two sisters – who opted to remain anonymous to protect their family's privacy – travelled to Miri this week after they feared their brother had gone missing.

With the assistance from the Miri police station they visited, and the help of friends and relatives in the area, the sisters managed to find where he was staying.

Due to his accident, the 54-year-old could not check out of the Kuching Hotel where he was scheduled to stay in from January 6 to 8.

The sisters also confirmed that they had sought the help of the public in identifying their brother's whereabouts by relaying the information posted to the 'Miri Community' group on Facebook earlier on Thursday.

The post, widely shared on other social media platforms showed two separate pictures of 54-year old and his car's license plate, along with one of the sister's mobile number.

The Brunei Times