Improve Jawi skills through competition

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A JAWI reading competition was held at the Belia Cintai Rasul Carnival aimed to promote the art of Jawi and enhance Jawi reading skills among youths and children.

A total of 11 participants competed in the event held on the final day of the carnival yesterday at the Indoor Stadium in Berakas.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, the secretary of Jalinan Akrab Belia Terunggul (JaBAT), Hj Mohd Jaya Hj Metussin said that nowadays, there are youngsters who still lack the basic education in Jawi.

“From the competition, there are those who know how to read but when you ask them how to spell (in Jawi), they tend to stutter,” observed Hj Mohd Jaya.

Participants of the Jawi competition were all asked to spell out selected words from the text given to them upon completing reading out loud on stage.

He added that lack practice and usage of Jawi can cause someone to forget about it either in reading or spelling.

“So our role to hold the competition in this carnival was to promote Jawi as an Islamic art that needs to be kept,” said the secretary.

Hj Mohd Jaya added: “Athough it (the event) is not big but at least we are able to disseminate the message and purpose of the competition.”

“I noticed that the audience also joined in during the spelling while the contestant was on the stage… and we saw it as good.”

The competition was held in three categories with age group between 17 and 25 had eight youths, age group between 13 and 16 had none while the youngest age group from 8 to 12 had three contestants.

A prize presentation event was held at the closing ceremony of the carnival yesterday.

The Brunei Times