Crescent introduces 1st cohort of students for diploma in Accounting and Advance Book Keeping

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CRESCENT Sdn Bhd, a local education provider in Islamic business, introduced its first cohort of students for diploma in Accounting and Advance Book Keeping in an orientation ceremony yesterday.

Twelve students signed up for the one-year programme which classes will be conducted at the iCentre building.

The CEO and founder of the establishment Hjh Salma Hj Abd Latiff told The Brunei Times that there are no prerequisite qualifications needed to apply for the programme.

She said she noticed there were people with limited education that do not know what to do next as there were no suitable openings for them.

“They can come to us and some of my students (taking the course) now are currently working as receptionists and clerks… those who want to improve their life and education,” she said.

These students see the opportunity as a stepping stone to further their career.

“I am very pleased to see Bruneians who still want to study and take this as an opportunity (to develop themselves),” said Hjh Salma who is also the instructor for the course.

Crescent Sdn Bhd was established in 2009, providing an online global professional diploma programme in Islamic Banking and Finance.

It recently signed agreements with UK-based accounting associations, International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) and International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP).

“We are the only provider of IAB in the sultanate and have the exclusive rights to offer the products to Bruneians. We hope to get another cohort in June and more students to join us,” said Hjh Salma.

Asked how the course will benefit the students, she said: “The problem here in Brunei is that there are a lot of highly qualified accountants but they don’t (pay attention) to the bottom ones like accounts assistants or accounts clerks. This course allows them to take up these positions because right now these positions are covered mostly by non-Bruneians.”

“There is a market for accounts assistants and there are companies who are interested in hiring them,” she said.

“We are in contact with companies that have shown interest. Those who have good profiles, I would be sending them early,” added the CEO.

The orientation ceremony also saw the launch of its IAB – Crescent website where students can get their learning materials and exercises online.

The Brunei Times.