1st day of school for Kindergarten

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A TOTAL of 150 students in Kuala Belait got their first classroom experience yesterday as St James’ School and Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Mohd Yusof Primary School began their pre-kindergarten classes.

At St James’, the 131 registering students were divided into three pre-kindergarten classes based on age, with their supervisor and teacher Susan Escovivo explaining that most activities for the children would center a round making learning enjoyable.

“These young children are at a point in their lives where they need to be given special attention, and we provide learning activities like singing and games which can help them learn.

“On their first day most of the children are sad to be separated from their parents and enter this new environment, but by the day’s end they are enjoying themselves with the other students in their classes,” she said.

Meanwhile a pre-kindigarten teacher at Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Mohd Yusof Primary School said an orientation was held for parents and their children to ready themselves for the classroom setting.

“Our orientation prepares the students mentally and emotionally so that they know what they can expect to learn and experience this year,” said Shamsul Hj Salleh.

The Brunei Times