Pekerti lends helping hand

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OVER 125 orphans and children who have lost a parent received donations from the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) at RBPF’s headquarters in Gadong yesterday.

Hjh Kamariah Hj Abd Hamid, the chairwoman of the Welfare Body of Police’s Wives and Families’ (PEKERTI) high committee presented the donations to the children.

RBPF, in a statement, said that the PEKERTI fund is collected from RBPF personnel and the public.

“The fund was set up since 2007 with a sincere desire to help orphans, specifically children of members of the RBPF who have passed away, and remember the noble deeds their parents made when they were under service to the RBPF,” the statement read.

The donation hopes to lighten the load and help the sole parent or guardians make early preparations for the upcoming school term in 2015.

Mother of four, Azizah Hj Sulaiman, said she was deeply thankful to those who have set up the fund and those who donated.

The 42-year-old, walking together hand-in-hand with her children, said her husband – an RBPF personnel – passed away last year.

Touching on what to buy, she said her children’s existing school stationery are still in good shape.

“I think I’ll just help the kids deposit the money for now, so they can keep it in their savings account and use it for important needs in future,” the mother said.

PEKERTI member Hjh Latifah Mohd Harun said the amount of donations collected was roughly $6,300 as the 126 children received $50 each.

“We usually make these donations in time before the children start school and events such as Hari Raya,” she said.

The Brunei Times