Threatened by more landslides, family seeks assistance

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A COUPLE whose house in Kg Sungai Akar in Brunei-Muara was again hit by a second landslide in two years yesterday called on the authorities for help as they fear that the continual intense rain would cause further damage to their home.

Homeowner Pg Maizan Pg Hj Hussain, however, stopped short of asking to be evacuated, saying, “We cannot leave the house as it is our home and we hope that some action can be taken.”

The house of Pg Maizan and her husband Ardiman Hj Tengah was hit by landslide in 2012 which left various damages.

The landslide which hit the outside walls of their house yesterday was the second they have experienced since they moved in the area in 2008.

The first landslide swept inside their home and resulted to various damages. Among the damages suffered by the house include obsolete drains, damaged roof, broken pipes affecting their water supply, cracks running across their walls and that “the house had shook” due to the landslides.

“The sum of $40,000 is just to clear out the mud and debris from the landslide and it does not include the damages inside our home,” explained Pg Maizan. She said the $40,000 quotation was made by one of the personnel who responded to their alert call.

The homeowners said they noticed the slow-moving landslide approaching their home in Kg Sungai Akar at dawn yesterday.

Ardiman said that they had contacted the relevant authorities about their problem when the first landslide occurred.

However, they have yet to hear of any follow-ups after an initial inspection.

“We are seeking assistance for our situation as our safety is on the line here with the possibility of wild animals and trees falling into our compound as a result of the landslide. We have been waiting for over two years and a half for action but we have received not much word,” said Ardiman who said that members of the Fire and Rescue Department responded to the latest landslide within 15 minutes after they made the call for help.

The fire personnel placed a large tarpaulin on top of the high mound of debris and soil which blocked the windows and pathway of the house.

Ardiman said that the fire and rescue personnel who inspected the second landslide told the family that they had discovered a large of volume of water atop the mud and debris brought about by the recent landslide.

The couple said that they fear that another landslide would hit if current weather condition would persist which could bring more damage to their home and threaten the safety of their family.

The Brunei Times