House collapse victims receive help

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A FAMILY of eight in Kg Sinaut, Tutong received assistance from various government agencies and volunteer groups following the collapse of a part of their home on Sunday.

According to the daughter of the houseowner, Rusinah Hj Sulaiman, the incident occurred around 12.20pm Sunday.

 The family was shocked when the 42-year-old house of their father, Hj Sulaiman Muhammad, suddenly caved in. The old house is situated at the back of a newly-built house extension.

Rusinah with seven other family members are staying at the house extension, while her brother, Kasmat stayed in the old home. Kasmat was not at home when the incident happened.

“My son heard a (crackling) noise and then saw sparks coming from the electrical wires outside the house. The old house collapsed not long after that,” she said.

Rusinah added it was raining heavily at that time which may cause the dilapidated house to give way. The house was also build on a slope.

On the day of the incident, the family was visited by representatives from Community Development Department, Royal Brunei Police Force and the Fire and Rescue Department Operation ‘E’ and Hospital Pg Muda Mahkota Pg Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah.

The electricity between the old house and the house’s extension was switched off until the condition was deemed safe.

The electricity to the house extension had been restored while electricity supply to the old home had been cut off.

The collapsed home was also inspected by the Fire and Rescue Department personnel and was declared unsafe.

Lead by Tutong District Officer, Wardi Hj Mohammad Ali, several government agencies as well as volunteers group came together to help the family.

They provide the manpower needed to clear the debris blocking the entrance to the house.

The Tutong District Officer then presented donations in the form of food items to the family on behalf of the District Office.

The Brunei Times