HM: Uphold Bruneian identity

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HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday cautioned students against exposure to detrimental influences that are unrelated to knowledge and education.

During the annual gathering with Bruneians in London, UK, the monarch said students must be “vigilant of destructive elements lurking everywhere and continuously fortify themselves with good virtues and deeds to Allah SWT” as a means of protection.

His Majesty further reminded the students to uphold their Bruneian identity, integrity and spirit as well as “carry the Malay Muslim Monarcy (MIB) culture, lifestyle and mindset” with them at all times.

In his titah, the monarch elaborated that “the pride of a nation is not measured from its efforts to become a new nation, but true pride is derived from successfully maintaining the heritage and identity of the nation”.

Having achieved 100 years of formal education, His Majesty said the nation needed to be aware of change as “change never waits to see the country advance or otherwise”.

The monarch highlighted that Bruneians must continuously prepare themselves in facing a world that is constantly changing. His Majesty said the reality of change demanded people to be more creative, dynamic and skilled.

In order to be prepared, the monarch said change must be reflected throughout the education system from primary and secondary to technical and tertiary education.

Citing expert analysis, His Majesty pointed out the three important factors required in order to achieve the best education system were getting the right people to be teachers; developing teachers to be effective educators; and ensuring every child’s success through quality education.

The monarch said upgrading the quality of education holistically meant strengthening the education system at the primary level.

This includes improving the level of expertise at the national level, which was benchmarked against international standards. His Majesty emphasised that an enhanced education at the early stage is key to educational success at subsequent stages.

On achieving international stan-dards, the monarch was pleased that Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) had transformed into a world-ranking institution excelling in teaching and research.

This year, UBD was ranked among the top 50 in five out of nine indicators in Asia in the QS Rankings. The university also introduced the Chancellor’s Scholar in 2012. His Majesty congratulated the two doctorate recipients of this year’s prestigious scholarship.

The monarch hoped the Chancellor’s Scholar recipients will continuously improve themselves towards achieving success.

His Majesty also advised all students, whether they are government-sponsored or privately funded, to work and study hard to meet their goals. The monarch prayed that the students will always be in the protection of Allah SWT and successful in their studies.

The annual gathering held at the London Hilton on Park Lane was attended by around 2,400 citizens and residents of Brunei in UK and Ireland.

The Brunei Times