UNISSA Alumni hosts youth self-reflection programme

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SELF-REFLECTION is the process of evaluating one’s positive and negative qualities in every aspect, said the rector of Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) yesterday.

Dr Hj Norarfan Hj Zainalsaid this includes our relationship with God and other people.

“Self-reflection is important as it is a way for people to attain a degree of perfection as servants of Allah (SWT),” he said at the opening ceremony of the university’s Self-reflection Programme.

It is also one of the keys to success in the world and hereafter, he added.

“Therefore I urge all of you, myself included, to always do self-reflection to gauge our actions. We should follow what’s appropriate and avoid what’s not.”

Participant Era Nuvita Sari Sapar said she joined the programme to change herself for the better.

“There’s something in me that needs to change. I thought it would be good to do so through this programme – especially since it includes Islamic and motivational talks,” she said.

“Just from today’s activities I learned about success in this world and the hereafter. Mostly people think about success in this world, but through this programme I learned that we should start thinking about success in the hereafter as well.”

She hoped she could be a good role model to her siblings by improving herself with the lessons from the programme.

UNISSA alumnus Dk Mumtazah Pg Hj Md Jaafar said one of the activities in the programme, which ends today, is called “Thought Collective” which trains the participants to listen and talk.

“The participants will also have a tour of the campus so that they can have an idea on what university life is like. There will also be an exclusive Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) programme just for the female participants,” she said.

“It is also organised to make more people aware of UNISSA Alumi (group). We hope that more former students would volunteer and join us in conducting more similar activities.”

Dk Mumtazah said that the alumni will also hold the UNISSA Rector Trophy National Speech Competition (Pertandingan Pidato IPT Senegara Piala Rector UNISSA) for higher education institutions in the second week of January.

A total of 66 youths, aged between 15 and 20 years old, registered for the self-reflection programme.

The Brunei Times