Suspected ‘khalwat’ cases probed

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TWO suspected cases of khalwat (close proximity) were reported from the most recent Department of Immigration and National Registration’s (JIPK) Ops Kikis, according to a statement by the JIPK.

According to JIPK, the operation was a collaboration between the Immigration Enforcement Division, the Religious Enforcement Division and the Prevention Division of the Customs and Excise Department, on December the 20th at 11pm.

JIPK added that the separate cases of khalwat found by the Religious Enforcement Division consisted of two foreign couples, which if found guilty, will be charged under Chapter 196 of the Syariah Penal Code 2013.

The Enforcement Division under JIPK had held and given out special passes to nine foreign males and a foreign female for failing to show any document with valid immigration pass, while their employer was also summoned to help in further investigation.

According to JIPK, after further screening, nine of the foreigners were released after their employer had brought in their passports containing valid work passes, while the other individual was found to have an expired immigration pass. The individual in question, 34-year old Indonesian man Triyan Ariyanto was reported to have ran away from his former employee and was found to have an expired working pass since January 25th 2013.

The JIPK statement added the court has sentenced him with three months of imprisonment along with three strikes of the cane.

Leading the operation was the Acting Assistant Director of Immigration along with 54 personnel.

The Brunei Times