Police, public need to be united for better community policing

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THE Deputy Commissioner of Police called for greater engagement between law enforcement and the public, following the nationwide revival of the neighbourhood watch programme.

Hj Mohd Jammy Hj Mohd Shah Al-Islam said members of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) should interact more with the public as cooperation between law enforcement and the people is necessary for effective community policing.

“There needs to be a paradigm shift. We no longer have conventional policing in the new millennia,” he said on the sidelines of a recent Community Policing Retreat for Brunei-Muara District.

In order to gain the community’s trust, he explained that uniformed personnel must engage with the public through various approaches such as personal interaction, conducting lectures and listening to their grievances.

“We must be part and parcel of the community itself to win their hearts, win their minds,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

He pointed out that the police and the public must view each other as partners in the context of preventing crime, adding it is important to “create awareness that the police do care for their safety and security of the community”.

“Please come forward and help us. Let’s work together to prevent crime and to create a society where crime is very minimal,” he said.

Since the revival of the neighbourhood watch programme, Hj Mohd Jammy said he has kept in close contact with grassroots leaders across the country.

He observed that such close working relationships have led to a higher level of trust between the RBPF and the community.

“They communicate with us because we are opening ourselves to them. We are not a narrow, cocoon police organisation,” he said.

After years of inactivity, several villages and mukims in the country have recently reactivated their neighbourhood watch programme with the aim of utilising residents’ familiarity and expertise of their surroundings to assist in police investigations and crime prevention.

The neighbourhood watch programme, launched in 1989 across all four districts, was revived this year following discussions between RBPF and grassroots leaders nationwide.

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