Jail time for stealing gas cylinders, sale of non-exiistent car rims

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A MAN was sentenced yesterday to a 16-month jail term after pleading guilty to stealing eight gas cylinders and tricking a person into buying a set of non-existent car rims.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi states that on December 3, the defendant Noorazmi Hj Sariang/Hj Lampoh, 35, met the complainant in Kiarong to offer to sell four pieces of 15-inch car rim for $200.

When the complainant asked to see the rims, the defendant then suggested for him to follow to his house.

At the vicinity of Jalan Pasar Gadong, Noorazmi stopped at a bus stop and stepped down from his car. He then signalled to the complainant, who was driving behind him, to also stop.

It was there that Noorazmi asked the complainant for the $200 and explained that if he used the money to buy the rim from his friend, he could get a good price.

The complainant handed over money and Noorazmi then directed him to continue to follow in his car. Subsequently, at the vicinity of Jalan Kiarong, the defendant sped up and the complainant failed to catch up.

Noorazmi later used the money to pay his rent and buy groceries.

The defendant was also involved in stealing a gas cylinder when he went into a house in Kg Kiarong as he had noticed that the kitchen door was open. After taking the gas cylinder, Noorazmi later sold it for $50.

On October 30, Noorazmi and another person went to a shop in Kg Kiarong and stole seven gas cylinders after they cut the lock to the storage compartment where the items were stored.

In his statement to the police, Noorazmi said that he sold two gas cylinders to another person for $100. He used the money to buy food and petrol for his car.

During the proceedings yesterday, Noorazmi, who has previous conviction for theft and robbery, has been ordered to serve the jail term immediately.

Noorazmi was also ordered to give back $200 to compensate for the payment of the non-existent rims.

The court ordered for the defendant to pay the compensation within a month or face two weeks in jail after serving the 16 months imprisonment.

The Brunei Times