Enhancing border vigil to stem logging, poaching

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A SENIOR police official has called for improving border security patrol to better protect Brunei’s forests from illegal logging and wildlife poaching.

Assistant Police Commissioner Hj Mohamed Don Hj Harith, the acting director of Operations Department, said frequent patrols must be carried out to ensure there is no breach in security at the borders.

“A majority of the areas in Brunei are covered with thick forests rich in biodiversity. And the flora and fauna found here could rarely be found in other places,” he said.

The assistant police commissioner was speaking during a parade to mark the completion of training of 35 recruits, who will be assigned to the Reserve C Unit.

He went on to say that Brunei’s flora and fauna are often the targets of irresponsible individuals, while gaharu or sandalwood, is also prone to thefts.

These “treasures” must be protected by stepping up vigilance and failure to do so would provide loopholes for the culprits and poachers to exploit and steal our national assets, the acting director said.

“Certainly, the country will suffer losses because of the actions of these irresponsible people whose only motive is to make money, without realising the destruction they are causing to the ecology,” he added.

Hj Mohd Don further said the establishment of the Reserve C Unit was aimed to regulate and keep the forested areas safe from intruders. “Therefore, I would like to urge the new recruits of the Reserve C Unit to always obey and follow proper procedures while carrying out their duties, especially at the border areas,” he said.

He added that such tasks are heavily entrusted to the unit as it is responsible in not only preserving the country’s “treasures,” but also the welfare and safety of the people and the country.

“I would also like to stress that every member of the Operations Department always obeys the orders of their leaders in carrying out the tasks and duties given to them.

“I believe this could be carried out if all officers and members under the department are disciplined and unified in carrying out their responsibilities,” he added.

The Brunei Times