SCOT eyes positive change for 2015

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THE Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT) will be introducing new projects next year with a more focused Bruneian approach to address issues of poverty.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, SCOT founder and chairman, Anwar Mohammad said that a number of new projects will be introduced including a micro-financing platform for families in need.

“This year we have been studying the prospects of this project and it included an extensive amount of research on the micro-finance platform in Brunei,” said Anwar.

He said that the new project is currently in its pilot phase and their focus is only on a select number of families.

“We are not only providing financial assistance to these families but there is also support, marketing, resource allocation so that they would not go astray in their endeavours by immediately spending the profits. We would like to teach them more on the business aspect,” he added.

When asked if other new projects would place a stronger emphasis on the environment such as the Green Xchange H20, Anwar said that SCOT will remain true to its mission.

“We do not have a specific target of projects to produce next year but at the end of it all, the goals of our projects are to help the underprivileged and stop the poverty cycle. We can be creative in addressing the issue at hand. Through saving the environment, as our Green Xchange where we are able to kill multiple birds with one stone. It addresses waste management education while engaging private-public partnership,” explained Anwar.

“Our core projects such as the Green Xchange will go on and the SCOT Education Project will perhaps see a revamped curriculum because through all these projects we have been able to gain experience through it and we learn and innovate to make these projects more Bruneian-friendly,” he continued. Additionally, members of the NGO will continue to be trained to better equip them to deal with local issues.

The Brunei Times