Update your security agency licences, says Police Commissioner

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THE Police Commissioner yesterday urged security guard companies and stakeholders to comply with industry laws, regulations and guidelines in a move to bolster customer confidence.

Speaking at the annual meeting between the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) and security guard companies, Dato Paduka Seri Pahlawan Bahrin Mohd Noor said maintaining quality is the key to gaining client confidence for registered companies.

 As the industry continues to grow, he stressed that it is necessary for every company to renew their annual licence before it expires.

“This year, action was taken against a company for failing to renew their licence. The company has been ordered to close, while their new application is being reconsidered. In the meantime, they are not allowed to provide any security guard services,” he said.

In his capacity as the Security Agency Licensing Officer, the commissioner also cautioned against recruiting without authorisation or vetting.

“This act may affect the image of the security industry as a whole. Moreover, it is important companies understand this irresponsible act could unsettle clients’ trust, and its impact not only on the irresponsible company, but thousands of workers in this industry,” he said.

He said the Security Agency Licensing Section will go on with their monitoring efforts to ensure all registered companies comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines.

They will also continue to interview security guards at random, which in the past led to the reveal of incriminating information such as late payment of salaries as well as offers not to participate in the Employee Trust Fund (TAP) and Supplemental Contributory Pension (SCP).

 The commissioner reiterated the section is concerned about the welfare of registered security guards as they recently began presenting registered companies to TAP to ensure all TAP and SCP payments were made.

 He warned that companies failing to meet TAP obligations for employees could face legal action and licence revocation, adding the Security Guard Agency Licensing Section will make certain that every registered security guard receives TAP and SCP.

 “Security guard companies will only be able to provide consistent services if they succeed in maintaining the quality of their employees,” said the Police Commissioner.

 He explained that quality security guards are achieved by providing suitable starting pay, opportunities for career progress, annual salary increment, annual leave and punctual salary payment, besides participation in training as well as workshops locally and abroad to reward motivated employees.

 “If all these are carried out, it will strengthen the development of the security industry in this country,” he remarked.

 The commissioner said the security industry has grown positively by continuing to provide employment for those qualified as trained security guards to protect personal property and diplomatic missions, personal residences, public and private offices as well as commercial premises. 

The Security Agency Licensing Section was established in line with the introduction of the Security Agencies Act, Chapter 187 in 2000.

 In its first year of operations, the section issued eight business licences to run security guard companies. Today, a total of 19 business licences have been registered with up to 3,665 locals employed as security guards.

The Brunei Times