Charity Run & Cycle for Gaza on January 25

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THE Run & Cycle for Gaza that will take place next year on January 25 has been organised by two groups of students of Politeknik Brunei as part of their final year project.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Muhammad Waie Saipol, head of the team organising the charity run said that the idea came about when both groups wanted to they wanted to raise money for Gaza.

“We were discussing amongst ourselves and found out that another group also wanted to do the same thing, so that’s when we decided to combine.”

Muhammad Hazrin Yahaya, head of the team organising the charity cycle, said that another purpose of the event was to create awareness particularly among youth about helping others.

“We also wanted this to be a reminder to the public as you know how we sometimes tend to forget. We can’t imagine what they must be going through, losing their family members so we hope that the funds we collect will help ease their burden,” said Muhammad Waie. Muhammad Hazrin said that organising the event was not easy as they faced a lot of challenges.

“Some of the things took quite a long time however there are also many good things that we can and have gained out of the this experience especially since we are business students.

“We learned the basic of setting up a business which will prepare us for the future in case any one of us wants to start a business.”

Apart from that, Muhammad Hazrin added that he personally learned that it is important to conduct research as early as possible.

Sharing the same view as Muhammad Hazrin, Muhammad Waie said that the experience will also teach them to plan better.

“If we’re given the chance to organise an event again one day, at least we’ll know where and how to start. And we’ll do it better!”

Their supervisor, a teacher at Politeknik Brunei, Nur Syahadah Hj Ismail, said that the funds collected will be donated to Gaza through a trusted organisation.

“As of now, we have two organisations in mind. We are currently just waiting for updates from relevant sources as to which one we should choose.”

For more information on the event, the public can contact Muhammad Waie at 8844720 and Muhammad Hazrin at 8235682.

Registration for the run is extended until today. Interested applicants can collect the forms at the lobby of Politeknik Brunei or download it from their Facebook page at

The numbers of entries for both categories are limited to 750 and 150 respectively. As of 4pm yesterday, 584 people registered for the run while 88 registered for the cycling category.

The Brunei Times