MUIB distributes $2,375,900 to zakat recipients

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A TOTAL of BND2,375,900 from the payment of zakat (tithe) this year was distributed to fakir miskin (the poor and destitute) nationwide during a ceremony yesterday at Teratai Hall in the Ministry Of Religious Affairs (MoRA) building.

Attending as the guest of honour at the Zakat Handover Ceremony was the acting secretary of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB) under MoRA, Hj Abdul Wahab Hj Sapar.

As part of the event, Hj Abdul Wahab distributed the zakat fund to 99 people from Brunei-Muara District that registered under MUIB.

“As many as 30 heads of families with a total of 69 dependents on the list of poor and destitute received BND400 respectively,” he said.

“The BND2,375,900 was distributed to 1,422 families nationwide with a total of 4,231 dependents. As for this event, the families (that attended) received the money in the form of cash, while the amount for the 1,422 families will be (transferred) to their bank accounts.

“The zakat was allocated earlier since Ramadan. It was divided into two, half of which was distributed for Hari Raya and the other half is for early school expenses,” he added.

The main purpose of the alms distribution was to help ensure that families have enough money for their children’s school expenses and to prepare for the new school term in 2015, he said.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, one of the recipients, Haji Abdullah Hj Mumin, a 71-year-old father from Kampong Pulaie, said: “I felt blessed with what had been given to my family today. At least we can use the money for my son’s school expenses.

“It helps us a lot, especially when it comes to the new school term. Nowadays, the prices of goods in Brunei are increasing from time to time.”

Hj Abdul Wahab said: “We hope the recipients will pay serious attention to their children’s education, make sure that they come to school, are diligent in their studies and never stop studying until they reach a high level of education.”

Apart from allocating the zakat for school assistance, MUIB this year distributed the zakat to the poor and destitute for Hari Raya, the fire victims in the Kampong Masin Housing Scheme, Kg Bakut Pengiran Siraja Muda B in Kg Ayer and to victims of four collapsed houses at Mukim Burung Pingai Ayer.

The Brunei Times