37 cases of domestic violence recorded until August this year

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THIRTY-SEVEN cases of domestic violence were reported up to August this year as recorded by the Department of Community Development Department (JAPEM).

During a talk held by the department as part of the Information Department’s ‘Informative Community Programme’ in the Tutong district, it was revealed that the statistics were made up of spousal abuse (women), domestic abuse (dharar syari’e), household issues and the abuse of other family members.

According to the statistics recorded from January to August, no reports were made in March, while the month of August recorded five cases of reported domestic abuse.

“These may not seem like big numbers but victims of abuse should not be scared to come forward as we are deeply concerned about cases of such natures,” said invited officer from JAPEM, Hjh Saadiah Hj Ghazali, who said that the abuse could be physical, sexual, or emotional in nature.

She said that while most victims are women, it should not be overlooked that men can become victims of abuse as well but that they also face fears in coming forward to report their cases.

“It is rare for us to see men come forward to report and admit that they are facing a crisis. We have, in fact, received such reports before including abuse in terms of finance. A man may seem like he is strong on the outside but there could be underlying issues despite their exterior,” said counselling officer Atiqah Ibrahim.

Their roles as breadwinners and the societal values placed on to them may be the reason why they are reluctant to come forward and that they are short of channels they can turn to, compared to women, explained Hjh Saadiah.

“We should be more concerned and aware of those around us as they could be victims of abuse. There is no shame in admitting that one needs help,” added Atiqah.

The panel of speakers also urged victims of abuse to seek counselling as it is more than just simply speaking but it entails the expertise of counsellors who are well-trained in the area.

They reminded the audience that abuse does not only affect the victim but it can also have affects on their children causing the problem to linger on and follow their children into adulthood as part of a cycle.

The Brunei Times