Prayers for Peshawar victims held

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PAKISTAN High Commissioner to Brunei, Brig (R) Muhammed Zareef Malik yesterday dubbed the December 16 Peshawar tragedy “a very dark day in the history of Pakistan which highlighted the need to work together to make sure that it will not happen again”.

A total of 141 people –132 students and nine teachers – died in the Taliban attack on the Army Public school in Peshawar on December 16. A total of 125 students were also wounded.

Pakistan High Commission organised the recital of Al-Quran and prayers for the victims of Peshawar tragedy yesterday at the embassy’s residence.

The High Commissioner, in an interview with _The Brunei Time_s , said, “This dark day also brings to the fore the requirement of ensuring that we, the civil society, the leadership, the armed forces and everybody else to take a united stand to fight this menace.”

“Our country (has been) facing the problem of terrorism for a long time,” he said.

“This menace does not only begin in the frontiers of Pakistan, this is something which has global damages. We will do whatever that is possible, to ensure that such thing will not happen again,” the High Commissioner said.

He added that entire world has condemned the cowardly act, he added.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called the attack on the schoolchildren in Peshawar a 'national tragedy'.

The Pakistan High Commission in Brunei has been in mourning for the three days and the national flag is flown on half mast.

“We resolved to face this problem squarely in order to rid our country of this menace,” he stressed.

“I am grateful to the people of Brunei for having expressed condolences and for having shared this sorrow and pain with us. I only hope and pray that God gives us the strength to face this issue and also give us the courage to deal (with it)”, the High Commissioner said.

Yesterday’s prayer was attended by women members of the embassy which include the wife of the High Commissioner Nayyara Malik as well as invited guests. A similar event was also held at the Pakistan High Commission for the men on December 17.

Nayyara told the women who attended that prayers that , “your presence shows that terrorism have to be fought at global level and that we all have to stand together to do that”.

The Brunei Times