Military children participate in religious programme

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A TOTAL of 46 youths recently participated in the Syababul Watan (Tunas Bangsa), a religious programme for the children of military parents.

According to the Ministry of Defence (MinDef) in a press statement, the five-day event was organised by the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) Religious Department (JAMA’AT) to engage students in beneficial activities during the school holidays.

The participants, aged 10 to 17, were made up of 25 males and 21 females whose parents are working with MinDef and RBAF.

Various activities were held at the Penanjong Garrison Transit Camp from December 1 to 5 including a briefing for the parents and children, as well as an orientation session for the participants. Meanwhile, self-development activities took place at the Anduki Recreational Park and Sungai Basong.

They also visited a longhouse in Mendaram Besar Labi, the Royal Brunei Air Force Fire Station and Suok Ajong paddy field in Kg Birau, Tutong.

Besides recreational activities conducted by personnel from the RBAF Counselling Unit at the Berakas Forest Reserve, they also took part in religious activities such as performing the five daily prayers, attending religious talks and visiting mosques.

The aim of the programme was to instil patriotism and piety in the participants towards becoming productive citizens.

A closing ceremony was held at the Penanjong Garrison Surau on the last day, where RBAF Training Institute Commandant Lieutenant Colonel Hasmee Hj Abdul Wahab presented the youth with certificates of participation.

The ceremony, which was attended by religious teachers, parents and facilitators, also saw a recital of Surah Al-Israa by participant Ak Mohd Adi Putra Pg Saifulrizam.

This year is the eighth Syababul Watan (Tunas Bangsa) organised since it was launched in 2007.

The Brunei Times