2 men behind bars for car theft

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TWO men received a two-year jail sentence yesterday after being convicted of stealing a car at a parking lot in Seria earlier this year.

During the proceedings yesterday, Magistrate Harnita Zelda Skinner sentenced Sofian Hj Mos, 41, and Ali Hj Tengah, 42, to each serve 24 months in jail.

According to the court, both men had prior convictions. Sofian had a string of convictions since 2003 while Ali also had previous convictions dating back to 1996.

The men were involved in stealing a Toyota Corolla that was parked at a parking area on Jalan Bunga Melor, Seria on January 16.

One of the defendants had used a key to gain entry into the car and drove to another place to change the licence plate. After changing the licence plate, they then drove the car to Bandar Seri Begawan.

The car owner had reported the matter to the police when she discovered that her vehicle was missing after returning from work on January 17.

This led to the defendant’s co-accused, Hamzah Hj Md Noor, arrested on suspicion of being involved in the theft as well as another theft case. Hamzah had acted as the lookout for the two men while they stole the car on Jalan Bunga Melor.

Delivering her sentencing verdict yesterday, Magistrate Zelda said though there is nothing much to be said about the defendants as they did not say anything in their mitigation, the court hoped they will realise “it’s time to stop” after serving their jail sentence.

Sofian has been ordered to serve his sentence with effect from when he was first remanded in January, while Ali has been ordered to serve the 24 months in jail after completing his current jail sentence for another offence.

The Brunei Times