Men could get 6 months for false robbery report

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TWO security guards at Sivli Sdn Bhd could face up to six months in prison and be fined up to $4,000 after pleading guilty to filing a false police report claiming they had been robbed by eight men.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Mohammad Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi states that the defendants - Bangladeshi nationals Kamal Hossan Ana Miah, 28, and Md Faroque Parash Ali, 37 -concocted a story that on December 8, they were threatened at their workplace by eight unknown men armed with knives and machetes.

According to the defendants’ statement to the police, while three of the unknown men guarded them, the others stole nearby copper cables belonging to the company.

The owner of the company, Edi Suwanto, reported the incident to the Sungai Liang Police Station.

However, the police failed to find evidence to suggest that the robbery had taken place.

When Kamal and Faroque were called to the Sungai Liang Police Station on December 10 for further investigation, they admitted to fabricating the robbery story.

However, the defendants stressed that the copper cables had indeed been stolen. They made up the story because they feared their employer would send them back to Bangladesh and that they would be asked to pay for the items.

Following the proceedings yesterday, both defendants have been released on $1,000 bail pending sentencing on December 22 before magistrate Azrimah Abd Rahman.

The Brunei Times