Using Malay quatrain to preserve culture, tradition

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MALAY quatrain programmes should be held frequently in order to preserve the Malay culture and tradition, said the director of Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB).

Hj Md Suffian Hj Bungsu said this during the annual RTB/RTM/RRI cultural cooperation programme, Program Budaya Tiga Serumpun, at Dewan Kemasyarakatan Mukim Sengkurong yesterday.

‘‘By having this cultural event, it can give us an idea on how our tradition and culture possess high value in terms of language and philosophy,’’ he said.

Hj Md Suffian said that the cultural cooperation programme is aimed at preserving the art and culture of berbalas pantun, or an interactive presentation of quatrains, that is inherited by the community in the Malay archipelago.

‘‘It is hoped that this cooperation would help preserve the cultural traditions of the Malay community, encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration, improve the quality of publishing and broadcasting, foster unity and solidarity as well as promote unity in the region.’’

Carrying the theme of the new year 2015, the event saw broadcast agency representatives RTB, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) conducting a live one-hour presentation called ‘Budaya Berbalas Pantun Tiga Serumpun’.

Following a memorandum of understanding, the three stations have been organising three meetings annually at their respective countries since 2006.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the head of delegation from RRI, M Kabul Budiono said that one of the aims of this meeting is to strengthen the ties between the broadcast agencies from the three countries.

‘‘This year, we became the host after Syawal,” said Budiono.

“In Indonesia, each place has different ways of berpantun (poetry). We usually hold the meeting in many different places, (such as) this year in Metaram, then in the West Java, and so on.

“Kalimantan has a rich culture when it comes to berpantun, RRI might visit Kalimantan for the next meeting,’’ he added.

Present to officiate the ceremony was the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office (Media & Cabinet), Hj Md Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Md Yunos.

The Brunei Times