Panaga 2000 sees appointment of peoples’ representatives

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RESIDENTS of the National Housing Scheme in Panaga have opted for six focal persons to represent them after failing to vote for the creation of a consultative committee on Monday night.

Held at a resident’s house on Jalan Keruak, the scheduled election saw a turnout of fewer than 100 people, with citizens present voicing their concerns on a lack of participation as the main reason why they did not vote in for the committee’s six positions - which included secretary, treasurer, accountant and safety and information representatives.

The National Housing in Panaga, often referred as Panaga 2000 for the number of houses under the scheme, now has representatives for each of its five roads: Chang Teck Ming and Dyg Jauyah Hj Karim for Jalan Teripas, Hj Hassan Tuah for Jalan Kalajiau, Zaleha Lahap for Jalan Keruak, Muhd Nur Aisamuddin Muhd Hannafi for Parak and Mohd Firdaus Mohd Qarar for Jalan Puragam.

The Penghulu of Mukim Seria Hj Jamail Hj Linap who chaired yesterday’s election said the creation of a consultative committee remained a possibility in the near future. “The focal persons will handle any letters and issues of residents, and definitely have the opportunity to be part of a (potential) future committee for Panaga or Seria’s consultative council,” said Hj Jamail - who as Penghulu would be the chairperson of Panaga's consultative committee if established.

The Brunei Times