JPD regulating car modifications

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ONLY 77 out of over 3,000 car workshops have applied for approval from the Land Transport Department (JPD) to carry out inspections and service cars, among others, said JPD’s acting director yesterday.

Speaking to The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the National Road Safety Seminar 2014, Dr Hj Supry Hj Awg Ladi said only 40 out of the 77 applications have been approved.

“So we are gathering data now from other agencies on what kind of categories these workshops fall under so we can look into how we can develop the car accessory industry further,”’ he said.

Following his presentation on “Car modifications : Their negative impacts” yesterday, Dr Hj Supry stressed that the public is “not allowed” to carry out any car modifications unless undertaken at their respective car distributor which has approval from JPD.

The JPD is currently reviewing guidelines on car modifications from other countries, and until Brunei has their own set of guidelines, car modifications at car accessory shops are not encouraged.

Asked whether any discussions with car accessory stakeholders have taken place between JPD, the acting director said they will be talking to them sometime in January.

“We will find out more details on how we can facilitate their industry development,” he said.

Dr Hj Supry said at the moment, car modifications are popular among the public, including youth. “We have been talking to a few organisations and individuals who have approached us in asking about car modifications. Our stand is that anyone who would like to know more about what can and cannot be done with regards to car modifications is that they need to come and see us,’’ he said.

Everyday, the JPD receives applications for car modifications, and they are currently in the process of compiling guidelines for car modifications in a very careful approach for generations to come.

“We are reviewing guidelines from other countries and whether we could have (similar guidelines) which can be used by our public,’’ he said.

Dr Hj Supry explained they were reviewing guidelines from other countries because Brunei is not a car manufacturing country.

“Having their guidelines to suit our requirements will be different. There will be modifications (in the future) which will be allowed, some not at all and some which need referrals to the Land Transport Department,” he said.

The Brunei Times