Focus awareness campaigns on youths

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MEMBERS of the public should be educated on car safety measures from a young age, said a representative from Setia Motors Sdn Bhd.

Mohd Mashairee Mohd Latip was speaking during the morning session of the National Road Safety Seminar 2014 yesterday at Lecture Theatre 2 of Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB).

“Not a lot of people have knowledge on car safety. When people come in to buy cars, they would usually ask about the price instead,” he said.

“On our side, we encourage our salesmen to explain to customers why cars are priced at a certain amount. We explain to them what system the car has. This is important because at least you can educate the consumers on the safety concerns.”

He added that more seminars and road shows should be conducted to explain to the public about car safety. “Our target should be the younger generation. If they know about this from a young age, then they can be aware about these things then it would be much better.

“Like in driving schools, don’t just talk about how to drive safely but also explain the safety features as well.”

Mohd Mashairee presented on “Active Vehicle Safety features: protect you when you are involved in a crash” and explained the importance of the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) which include maximum braking effect (during critical situations), stability while braking and reduces tyre wear.

He also explained the importance of the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) which can stabilise a vehicle and recognise critical driving condition/panic, among others.

“When some companies bring down a price of a car, they try to eliminate some of the features which may include ABS and ESP.

“If a car has all the (safety) features then the cost of the car will be higher. But at the end of the day road safety depends on the individual.”

He added that when buying a car, an individual should focus on what the car can offer them, particularly such as safety features.

Another speaker, Roberto F Cruz Jr, Executive in charge of Customer Relations at NBT (Brunei) Sdn Bhd delivered a presentation on seatbelts and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags.

“People definitely know about seat belts but there are some issues on how to properly wear it, and of course most of us just buckle it in and that’s it.

“But we are not sure if the seating position is properly adjusted, is it too far or too near to the steering. These are the types of information that we need to impart.”

Cruz said that sitting positions should be upright where the whole seat should be firmly touching one’s shoulders and lower back.

“Our wrists should touch the steering wheel and when you stretch out, your arms should be bent.”

Meanwhile for airbags, he said that everyone knows their car has airbags but the public must also be aware of how and when the airbags will deploy.

“Airbags will not deploy during all collisions. Airbags are meant for supplementary support and works together with the seatbelt. In an event of a collision, only the body of the car will absorb but when it is a major collision, then the airbags will deploy,” he explained.

When asked which questions are often asked by customers, Cruz said that nowadays customers look for value on their payment.

“The market is asking ‘What do I get from the car?’ before they pay for anything. This applies particularly to students and undergraduates who often ask if a car is equipped with safety equipments.”

“I think it’s a social responsibility for us all to share about safety issues. Car agencies should also spread the news and share necessary information.” Officers from relevant industries attended the seminar yesterday morning.

The Brunei Times