Chinese envoy pleased with 3-year efforts

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OUTGOING China Ambassador Zheng Xianglin recollected the works that he had done over the past three years in Brunei and expressed satisfaction that Brunei-China friendship has become stronger than ever.

The Chinese envoy spoke to the media about his experience in Brunei at his residence yesterday.

Zheng said that China-Brunei relation is now at a level of Strategic Cooperation Partnership, which is a testimony to how far bilateral relations have progressed.

“That His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam was the first foreign guest of the new Chinese government also speaks volume of how important Brunei is to China,” said the Chinese envoy.

“And in the same year, Premier Li (Keqiang) also paid an official visit to Brunei, and the two leaders made two joint declarations and a Memorandum of Understanding on maritime, all these developments carry significant meanings toward the level of bilateral relations.”

On the front of pragmatic cooperation, Zheng cited the Pulau Muara Besar project, a joint-venture between China and Brunei, as a key project that reflects the level of cooperation between the two countries.

“I’m citing this project because of the sheer size of the project. And after visiting the island, I can see significant development, the landscape of the island has been changed positively.

“And there are many contracts already signed by both countries, and there are several important agreements that will be signed by both governments in the future,” Zheng added.

The ambassador said that China’s Quanzhou (Fujian Province) maritime museum will soon be cooperating with the Brunei maritime museum.

He added that an announcement would probably be made early next year, and the museums will exchange exhibits to widen cultural exchanges.

“Other companies that already have vested interest in Brunei includes PetroChina, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), and Hu Lu Dao City Steel Pipe Industrial.

“Moreover, several major Chinese companies have also set their sights on investing in Brunei, bidding for the various infrastructure projects, like the Temburong bridge, Muara Besar Bridge, and also the Brunei International Airport alterations, etc.

“These are major Chinese companies with very strong international background, and the intentions of investing in Brunei shows that companies in China are now also focusing on this country. I hope these companies will be successful in their bids.”

The China ambassador then cited the Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor as one of the most important developments in economic ties for both countries.

“I think this economic corridor is one of the most practical economic plans. The agreement includes all forms of cooperation between Brunei and China, and the future will be bright when these plans get implemented step by step.”

Zheng added that a contingent from Guangxi recently visited Brunei, and discussed numerous areas of cooperation with the Brunei government, including in ports, agricultural and fishery.

The envoy then said that relationship between countries must be built on multi-faceted cooperation, from political, cultural, educational, and military.

He cited the volunteer teachers project of sending Chinese teachers to Brunei that has been ongoing for many years, and hailed its impact in improving cooperation on the education front.

When asked of his impression of Brunei, he said the Sultanate is so comfortable that he has been encouraging his friends to visit, and due to the high number of friends visiting, the ambassador had already visited the Temburong canopy more than ten times.

“I enjoy the nature in Brunei very much. And I like exercising in Brunei, playing golf, tennis, badminton, and others.”

The ambassador is expected to fly back to China on December 27.

The Brunei Times