Brunei Red Crescent Society organises first-aid camp

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MEMBERS of the Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) are urged to make the most out of their co-curricular activities (CCA) as a platform for them to learn and be more independent and not just as a spare time activity.

This was said by the director of co-curriculum education division at the Ministry of Education Pg Suhaimi Pg Hj Bakar during the launch of the BDRCS First-Aid Camp at the Youth Centre in the capital yesterday.

‘‘You have to take advantage of this opportunity, give it your best and not just as a spare time activity or just simply to fulfill the CCA precondition requirements for the school leaving certificate,’’ said Pg Suhaimi in his speech.

‘‘Use this opportunity to learn how to live independently, gain valuable life experience and to build and strengthen personal development as it will become your useful testimony, that will help you to get a job or to facilitate you in the working environment in future,’’ he added.

A total of 49 members of BDRCA from four districts are taking part in the firt-aid camp, which is held for four days until December 19.

‘‘This camp is intended to give basic knowledge of first aid in hopes that the participants will be able to become quality players, dedicated, knowledgeable, and have high competitiveness in addition to forming a generation of visionary youth,’’ said the chairman of the first-aid camp Md Rosdi Hj Roslan in his welcoming remarks.

The Brunei Times