Brunei road fatalities this year fall to their lowest level since 2010

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FATALITIES from road accidents this year have fallen to 23 deaths – the lowest it’s been since 2010.

Fatalities recorded in previous years were 26 in 2010, 47 in 2011, 28 in 2012 and 32 in 2013.

Traffic Control and Investigation Department’s (JSKLL) Head of Operations and Enforcement ASP Mohd Fathdillah Hj Abd Hamid announced the statistics at the National Road Safety seminar at the Institut Teknologi Brunei’s campus yesterday.

The 23 fatalities were recorded from January to December 15, this year.

He also said that there were fewer light and serious injuries in road accidents so far this year.

There were 363 light injuries from road accidents so far this year. This was a reduction from the over 400 cases in 2012 and 2013 as well as over 550 cases in 2010 and 2011.

Serious injuries from road accidents so far this year have fallen to 39 cases from 63 last year.

Accidents involving only cars have fallen to 1,524 so far this year compared to 1,612 in 2013 and 1,650 in 2012.

There were a total of 1,184 accidents involving lone cars so far this year. This is the first time the figure has gone below 1,300 since 2009.

Touching on the Demerits Point System (SiKAP), he said that over 5,600 offenders were booked between October 1, 2013 and October 31, 2014.

Of this figure, 3,029 were fined.

The Land Transport Department has issued over 2,800 warning letters including to 355 road offenders who have incurred 12 demerit points.

“Also 160 road offenders incurred 18 demerit points and 61 drivers got 21 demerit points,” Mohd Fathdillah said.

“To date, eight have had their driving licences suspended as they got 24 demerit points.”

Meanwhile, he said that JSKLL will establish a Traffic Control and Management Information System (TCMIS) and the Rapid Respond Car by the end of 2015.

He said that the TCMIS will see the installation of more cameras at traffic lights.

TCMIS will complement the Rapid Respond Car where sensors will be in place to detect cars that are speeding or have crossed red lights.

On operations, Mohd Fathdillah said JSKLL so far this year has already conducted 60 more operations than the 363 done last year.

The operations this year have so far led to the nabbing of 11,600 road offenders.

But he added that JSKLL would continue to conduct more operations towards the end of the year because of patterns observed in previous years.

“We’ve identified a pattern every year that both crimes and road offences increase especially in the festive seasons and the December school holidays,” he said.

“As greater activity comes along – it also increases the possibilities for illegal activities,” he said.

The Head of Operations and Enforcement advised drivers especially youngsters to be more attentive, responsible, respectful of other drivers and to say their prayers.

“Road accidents are caused by human behaviour and are caused by three factors. First, the driver lacks knowledge, second, is his driving skills.

“However what truly defines how you drive, and causes you to get into an accident, is your attitude,” he said.

He said that sometimes our ego can get the better of us, for example driving on even though one is sleepy.

He said he understood that for some people their car had defects and they lacked the finances to repair them, but he added that at the end of the day safety must come first.

At the seminar, Mohd Fathdillah said that JSKLL will also be increasing its traffic branches in the Tutong and Temburong districts.

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