New slip road opens to help smoothen traffic near roundabout

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ROAD users can now use the new slip road at the Gadong-Kiulap roundabout.

The slip road is a short-cut from Jalan Pasar Gadong to the Muara highway to reduce traffic congestion at the roundabout.

Over a telephone interview, a representative from the Public Works Department (PWD) who talked on condition of anonymity said that the slip road began its construction on March this year.

He said that the slip road is partially opened and is expected to complete before the New Year 2015.

The representative said that the objective of the project was to divert traffic from Jalan Pasar Gadong to the Brunei International Airport.

At the same time, the slip road is aimed to improve traffic circulation at Gadong/Kiulap roundabout.

The PWD representative went to say that the slip road aimed to reduce traffic during peak hours; school hours and office hours.

He said that the slip road would be able to reduce traffic especially those parents picking up their children at Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah (Maktab Duli).

The Brunei Times