LTD overhauling website to improve public access

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IN STRIVING to create an informed and smart society in line with the vision of the Ministry of Communications, the Land Transport Department is overhauling its website to make it easier for the public to access the information.

Acting Director at the Land Transport Department (LTD) said in a recent interview that most people are not aware of the steps involved in some of the processes that the department is doing.

“If someone is planning to import a car into the country, do they know what they would need to do first?” Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi said giving an example.

The acting director said that they are planning to list all the steps for the processes that LTD takes care of. “We have compiled the steps into flowcharts, and we have about 40-50 currently.”

However, the acting director said that it will take them some time to put everything up on the website as the flowcharts will have to be refined.

Additionally, the upgraded website will also include a link to each of the websites of all the driving schools across the country.

Earlier this year, LTD said that all 22 driving schools across the country will have to set up their own websites by January 1, 2015 at the end of the two-day national convention for driving schools.

During the interview, Dr Hj Supry said that through the convention LTD found out that people had difficulty finding information over the Internet on who the driving operators are and the classes of driving licence they offer.

“We want the driving schools to have their own websites so that people, not only Bruneians but those from outside Brunei as well, can search and learn more about each driving school,” said the acting director.

He said that the Land Transport Department will provide assistance to the driving schools, but will not create the website for them.

“We want them to create it themselves, so that they have full control over what information they will include in their website.”

He said that currently a few of the driving schools already hadtheir own website.

The Brunei Times