Job hunt woes lead to creation of portal for part-time workers

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THREE youths created an online portal for young people to find secure and verified part-time jobs in the Sultanate.

The startup is called Tasche and its business model came from the entrepreneurs’ experiences in looking for part-time work.

Chief Financial Officer Andy Lian, Chief Operation Officer Michelle Yang and Chief Marketing Officer Eddie Liew said it was difficult to know where the jobs were, hence, the concept of creating a platform that makes it easy to find work.

“When we were looking for part-time jobs back then, it was through word of mouth. There was no portal or specific website we could go to so that’s when we came up with the idea to start Tasche,” Andy said.

Speaking to The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the BEDB Innovation Day at iCentre, Anggerek Desa yesterday, Michelle Yang said there are a lot of part-time jobs in Brunei.

“A lot of companies are actually looking for part-time workers but they just don’t know where to look for them. Back then companies would come to us to ask if we knew anyone who wanted part-time work,” she said.

“We are focusing on part-time jobs because of the short period which is a suitable time to encourage students to work. Our vision is to improve work ethics in Brunei.”

She added that they also aim to help make students fully understand the responsibility involved in taking up work, and to prepare them before they join the workforce.

Eddie Liew said it was through working part-time jobs that they made connections with different companies.

“Companies would often look for us and that’s when we started to cater part-timers to them.”

Most part-time jobs are at restaurants, consumer, travel or wedding fairs, ranging from a few hours to a few days or months, said the founders.

Andy Lian said the platform will not only enable youths to gain work experience and earn money, at the same time, it helps companies cut costs.

“We are currently doing this manually and even though it’s only been a month we already have over 200 sign-ups and currently working with nine different companies.”

After signing up, applicants will be interviewed by the founders, briefed on their job roles and taught on accountability and discipline.

Responses from the companies are usually immediate, they said, as the companies are urgently looking for part-time workers.

“When it comes to their pay, we try to push for $25 minimum, a day. Usually part-timers get paid $10-15 a day and some get demotivated by this and as a result won’t be productive in the work place,” said Andy.

“So we believe that with that extra pay they will be more motivated and second of all, they will have that sense of responsibility.”

Tasche makes signing up fun and interactive, the entrepreneurs said, adding that participants can unlock achievements or badges.

“There will also be a small social aspect where applicants can see where their friends are working so they can apply at the same place,” Andy said.

They also plan to provide incentives to keep the workers motivated.

Applicants can print their transcript from the website and use this as a testimonial, which will add value to their resume, said Michelle.

“You learn a lot of new things, you get good exposure and get this feeling of satisfaction,” said Eddie.

“Sometimes even when we are working, we don’t think about the money anymore but the satisfaction, the fun and the experience we gain,” he added.

The entrepreneurs said they plan to eventually venture into matching applicants with employers looking for full-time jobs.

“Maybe we can even bring them back for mentoring sessions where they can give valuable insight for the new part-timers. It will be like a success story,” Andy said.

Interested applicants can email the founders at and access website or like their facebook page TASCHECO.

The Brunei Times