Muslims told to steer clear of corruption

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CORRUPTION is a threat to a country’s stability and harmony as it can cause disorder and turmoil in the administration.

Imams warned congregants in yesterday’s sermon that corruption can lead to economic decline and encourage the habit of permitting what is wrong and denying what is right.

Corruption is categorised as a cardinal sin and forbidden in Islam. It is a bribery handed to someone with the specific intention of obtaining one’s needs.

Imams across the nation said that corruption is regarded as a major crime in the law of the world and in the hereafter.

They explained that corruption is not measured by the value of the gifts, adding that it implicates the giver, the receiver and the middleman involved.

A person commits the act of corruption or bribery mainly due to lack of faith and piety, they said.

They explained that the perpetrator knows corruption is prohibited but – blinded by rewards and incentives – they would still commit the act.

The sermon added that a person could be lured into corruption because of life’s pressures. Being heavily in debt was one of the examples used.

The Imams said that corruption may arise in a certain organisation due to poor leadership and management. It may provide opportunities for the giver and the receiver of bribes to unwittingly commit corruption.

“Usually those who commit corruption do so out of greed and the desire to live luxuriously, to increase their income and to have an easy life,” said the Imams.

They advised congregants to strengthen their faith and identity to eradicate the desire for corruption, adding that strong faith and an indomitable personality are resilient defences against corruption and should be reinforced.

“A country without corruption is everyone’s dream because it will bring forth everlasting security while pleasing Allah SWT… Therefore let us cooperate with one another in combating corruption because it can bring destruction to life and to the country as a whole,” said the Imams.

The Brunei Times