‘Keep on top of international affairs’

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UNIFORMED officers must keep abreast with international affairs and developments amid increasingly complex global and regional security threats, said the Acting Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) Commander yesterday.

First Admiral Dato Seri Pahlawan Abdul Aziz Hj Mohd Tamit urged uniformed officers to continually examine and analyse new approaches and best practices in addressing security challenges and threats.

“As the global and regional security threat is now more asymmetric in nature, you all have to possess the intellectual agility and flexibility, as well as the presence of mind, to be able to play your part in promoting peace and stability in the region,” he said at the closing of the Junior Staff Course (JSC) yesterday.

He also underscored the importance of approaching professional development as a “lifelong investment”.

“There are three main ways towards professional development... Someone may have taught you, you may have caught it from others or you may have personally exercised professional development and learned from experience,” he explained.

He added that, to be effective, uniformed officers need to expose themselves as much as possible to all the three methods of learning.

“You learn by reading or listening to others about work – their thoughts, theories and stories. The more you read and listen to others, the greater the breadth of insight you gain. You may also adopt a role model and learn by working closely with him or her,” he said.

He advised them to exercise what they have learned from others, likening professionalism to a muscle that develops when utilised.

As the uniformed officers prepared to take up future staff appointments following the completion of the JSC, the Acting RBAF Commander reminded them to ensure the principle of “get the basics right” by never taking shortcuts.

“Never take things too easy and do not be complacent. Be meticulous and execute your work with pride,” he remarked.

He said they are now well equipped to face the dynamic environment with a greater degree of confidence and competence following completion of the 14-week course conducted by the RBAF Defence Academy’s Leadership and Management Centre.

However, First Admiral Dato Abdul Aziz also reminded junior officers of the need to continue their learning beyond their upcoming staff appointments.

“You must strive hard to work beyond what you have already mastered in order to raise the standards and even expectations of your superiors as well as subordinates. You need to be creative and productive. It is with this concept that you are able to develop and be competitive,” he said.

The closing ceremony for the 14th intake of JSC took place at the Staff College Building in Sungai Akar Camp.

The Brunei Times