‘Start off low but aim high’

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THE Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports told graduates of the Kemuda Institute yesterday that starting at the bottom should not be regarded as a deterrent to success.

Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Hj Hazair Hj Abdullah urged the 253 graduates at the International Convention Centre to search for long-term jobs that will enable them to develop their career paths, even if it meant having to initially apply for lower-level jobs.

The minister said successful people who had achieved higher positions such as CEOs, managers, industrialists and entrepreneurs had worked their way up from the bottom. He encouraged graduates to learn from them.

YB Pehin Dato Hj Hazair advised graduates to adopt an attitude of continuous learning and never be complacent.

The minister said graduates would have many choices in terms of making contributions to the country. Graduates could further their studies through higher learning, seek jobs or venture into entrepreneurship. No matter what, the choices should be accompanied with confidence and determination to succeed in order to contribute to the development of the country.

Graduates were urged to improve themselves and become mature in terms of character and appearance, responsibility and commitment and respect and compassion, have a positive and critical mindset and have effective communication skills with the community.

The minister also urged graduates to always be prepared for the modern era of technology and the competitive global market.


In an interview with The Brunei Times, Kemuda Institute Managing Director Pg Hj Masri Pg Hj Othman echoed the minister’s sentiments, saying starting from the bottom should be experienced in life.

“I worked at many banks before working at Kemuda,” he said.

Pg Hj Masri said the best way to improve one’s skills is to spend extra hours working in the office which is routine when one works at private companies as opposed to government jobs, where the working hours are fixed.

He said the most important factor in achieving success is a positive attitude and mindset.

The Brunei Times