Police patrol Kg Ayer villages

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) went on a crime prevention patrol with members of the neighbourhood watch groups across Kg Ayer last Tuesday.

In a statement, RBPF said it sought to foster closer relationship with the neighbourhood watch members on top of preventing crimes when patrolling the areas together.

Village heads of Kg Burung Pingai, Kg Lurong Dalam and Kg Pandai Besi, and two members from the neighbourhood watch unit from each village turned up for the patrol conducted in the late hours if December 9.

Fifteen Kg Ayer Police Station personnel and two marine personnel participated in the patrol.

They were led by Acting Officer-in-charge of the Kg Ayer Police Station, Probationary Inspector Mohd Hazizul Hj Abd Halim.

Probationary Inspector Mohd Hazizul explained the procedures of the operation before the team split to patrol the streets or go on boats to scour Kg Burung Pingai, Kg Lurong Dalam and Kg Pandai Besi.

No criminal activity was sighted during the patrol.

The police in its statement said that similar patrols involving members of the village neighbourhood watch groups will be carried out from time to time.

The Brunei Times