Belait youth camp at Lumut Beach

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FORTY students on school break were in the Lumut Beach Recreational Park yesterday for the opening of the 10th Belait Kem Bina Semangat (Confidence Building Camp).

The camp is organised by the district’s Youth and Sports Department in cooperation with the National Youth Volunteers (SBK) in Belait.

Event co-chairperson Mohd Nordin Hj Mohamada said the camp would feature unique activities for the youth.

Alhamdulillah, the organising committee has been able to come up with good ideas for this camp… from the typical activities such as ice-breaking, marching, team-building and obstacle courses, to night events featuring solo and group activities that aim to build the participants’ confidence,” said Mohd Nordin.

“While the youths here are briefed on the contents over the course of three days, some participants are curious about details of some activities – perhaps they are hoping for more challenging activities. “Today’s youth are eager for more challenging programmes like the uncomfortable outdoor as they are willing to face all the challenges presented in the camp,” he added.

Each activity of the camp is designed to teach its participants to be self-reliant and independent, as well as to introduce values of motivation and self-awareness. It also hopes to attract youth participants to the work of the Youth and Sports Department, so they would volunteer their time and ideas for the betterment of youth in the country.

“The experience gained here is the most valuable and priceless asset. Experience is the most difficult thing to build.”

The co-chairperson assured that despite the outdoor environment and timing of the night activities, all security concerns have been considered and the facilitators were always close by to monitor each camper. “We consider ourselves as the substitute guardians for these children.”

He added that this year’s camp saw a good turnout of students – the maximum quota of 40 – due to the commitment from several schools in the district to support the event. “The department organises camps and activities so that youths would be able to spend their free time in a useful way… there are other agencies organising similar programmes. I would advise youths not to merely follow friends to participate.

“Alhamdulillah, most of today’s participants have come here of their own choosing rather than to join their friends,” said Mohd Nordin.

“I advise youths not to blindly follow their friends to participate (in the activities). Alhamdulillah, most of today's participants chose to come here themselves,” said Mohd Nordin.

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