Filipinos trained for better jobs

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EIGHTY-THREE Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) members of the Philippines Embassy in Brunei completed their basic and advanced computer training.

The training aims to increase employability skills of the Filpinos and prepare them to run their own business upon their return to their country.

The participants are those from various backgrounds such as technicians, drivers and labourers.

The programme was organised by the Philippines Overseas Labour office (POLO) and OWWA, in collaboration with K-Mas Management Sdn Bhd.

OWWA is an agency created under the labour department of the Philippines to protect the overseas Filipino workers and to promote their interest and well-being. The OWWA is a membership institution.

According to a website to empower overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), an OWWA member is entitled to various benefits and services.

The course was provided by the Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology.

There were two courses offerred, which consisted of five sessions held from November 9 to December 7.

A total of 41 participants completed their Basic Computer Training, which introduced them to the basics and features of Microsoft Office Word 2013, while 42 completed their Advanced Computer Training. The Advanced Computer Training introduced them to the basics and new features of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint 2013.

The course Is ideal for those who already have basic knowledge in MS Word, MS Excel and Powerpoint.

The press statement from Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology cited Philippines Embassy’s Welfare Officer and POLO Officer-in-Charge, Aurea J Estrada as saying, “The programme aims to teach workers new skills in basic computer to enable them to land better jobs. It is also hoped that they learn more about exploring business opportunities when they return to the Philippines.”

Dennis Tanjusay, one of the facilitators for the programme said the Philippines Embassy efforts on opening up the programme will enhance the participants’ employability skills.

The participants are those from various backgrounds such as technicians, drivers and labourers.

“The participants’ feedback had been positive. They were actually happy that the Philippines Embassy is taking initiatives to create the programme. They felt that the Philippines government is providing them with support”, he added.

The Brunei Times