Teenage boy drowns in swimming pool

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A THIRTEEN-year-old boy lost his life at the Youth Centre’s (Pusat Belia) Swimming Pool in the capital yesterday.

Pool employees found Chong Wei Liang at approximately 5pm. He was one of the participants for the inaugural International Invitation GO Tournament from Malaysia.

A press release from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports said that the pool was not open to the public at the time and that it was only for the use of special programmes and events scheduled by the Youth Centre. The victim was believed to have entered the pool without any notification to the management.

The ministry expressed its sympathies and condolences to the victim’s family. The Ministry will manage the cost of delivering the victim’s body to his family in Selangor, Malaysia. Following the incident, the ministry wishes to remind the public to comply with the rules set in place by the management to avoid ontoward incidents.

The Brunei Times