Couple fined for illegal running of karaoke and restaurant

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A HUSBAND and his wife were each fined $3,000 yesterday after they admitted to providing karaoke entertainment and operating a restaurant without a license.

The court document states that the restaurant Kedai Makan dan Karaoke Hj Jamahad Hj Safar, owned and operated by defendants Hj Jamahad Hj Safar, 62, and Mamik Sumarmi Sutaji, 51, were raided on April 13, 2013 by police personnel from the Anti-Vice and Gambling Suppression Unit and personnel from District Office, Customs Department and the Immigration Department as they believed that activities were carried out without a valid licence.

During the proceedings yesterday, the presiding senior magistrate Dk Masni Pg Hj Bahar ordered the defendants to pay the fines by January 15, 2015 or failure to do so would result in the defendants having to serve the three months imprisonment term for in-default of payment.

The police found several people in the premises with food and drinks during the raid.

There was also a person singing karaoke.

The police saw equipment believed to have been used for entertainment purposes and seized a TV, a pair of microphones, a DVD player and cash of $17.

Hj Jamahad told the police that patrons would pay 50 cents for every song.

Meanwhile, Mamik told the police that they made an application to the District Office since 2008 for a license but did not receive a reply.

Mamik further admitted that it was an offence to carry on activities like selling food and public entertainment without the requisite licence.

The court document went on to state that municipal officers gave three warning letters to the defendants. A letter was sent in 2009 and twice on 2010.

The Brunei Times