Widow receives $1,000 donation from villages

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A 79-year-old widow has received a donation of $1,000 from residents of Kg Batu Marang and nearby villages.

The donation is part of a government initiative to help the nation’s poor and those needing some financial assistance.

The recipient, Piah Ungsang, is currently living with her third daughter in Kg Perpindahan Lambak Kanan due to the rundown state of her house in Kg Batu Marang.

Piah’s house isn’t safe to be occupied because of holes in the roof and unstable wooden floors.

Penghulu Mukim Mentiri Pengarah Hj Abd Rahman Hj Naim handed over the donation to Piah at the residence of the village head of Kg Batu Marang, Hj Maidin Tarip, on Thursday.

Hj Maidin said Piah has three sons and four daughters.

Piah declined to provide details on the whereabouts of her other children.

Piah’s third daughter, Faridah Maknor, is unemployed after retiring from military service.

According to Hj Maidin, Faridah’s husband works as a civil servant.

He added that Piah receives a monthly pension of $250 and an additional $100 per month from the Community Development Department (JAPEM).

Hj Maidin hopes the donation will help Piah purchase basic necessities.

Hj Maidin added that the government will always monitor conditions in the Sultanate to ensure that those in need receive assistance.

The Brunei Times