Hana Soy and World vice president passes away

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WAN Krisnadi Hj Othman, a mother and one of Brunei’s successful women entrepreneurs, passed away peacefully yesterday.

The late Wan Krisnadi was a renowned businesswoman in Brunei. She founded Al-Hana Enterprise and together with Soy and World International from Japan, established local soy company Hana Soy and World (B) Sdn Bhd in 2013. Hana Soy is Brunei’s first maker of soy products.

Hana Soy produces soy drink Hana Suku-Suku.

She was vice president and director of Hana Soy and World (B).

In April 2014, the company began operations of its high-tech soy bean processing plant in Tutong, located at the Serambangun Industrial Complex.

Also in the same month, she led the setting up of Hana Soy’s international office in Japan, Al-Hana Japan Incorporation (AHJI).

Based in Tokyo, AHJI eyes to capture at least 40 per cent of the halal food market in Japan.

AHJI has also signed a memorandum of understanding with a Malaysian company to produce a health supplement Swiss Apple and Stemcell drink, also to be marketed in Japan.

She was an active member of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei.

Wan Krisnadi graced the cover of local personality magazine Inspire in July this year as she was featured for her entrepreneurial success and commitment to steer her company towards realising Brunei’s vision to diversify away from the oil and gas industry.

She is survived by her husband and five children.


The Brunei Times