Teraja Longhouse public toilets get new water pipes

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WATER closet woes will be a thing of the past for residents of Teraja Longhouse in Labi, with the longhouse’s public toilets outfitted with pipes to supply water from nearby tanks.

According to a statement from the Public Works Department (PWD) in Belait yesterday, two water tanks were supplied and installed yesterday at Teraja Longhouse, courtesy of the Belait District Office.

It will now supply clean and running water to the public toilets, which sees heavy use from the 100-odd residents of the longhouse as well as from tourists.

The installation is the latest water upgrade made by the PWD since completing piped water and a metering system to the longhouse three years ago.

However, to date, water supply and metering are not utilised in Labi’s farthest-flung longhouse.

The government-constructed public toilets, which will be 20 years old next year, was previously reliant on water from the Sg Nibong waterfalls, located some 2km away. While generally reliable, it would often encounter disruptions especially during rainy seasons.

The latest upgrade is seen as a boost to Labi’s already flourishing eco-tourism industry, which sees a steady stream of domestic and foreign tourists flocking to Teraja to visit the three major waterfalls located there: Wasai Teraja, Wasai Beluluk and Wasai Geratong.

The longhouse’s womenfolk are also famed for their traditional crafts, while its bamboo-cooked dishes continue to be in popular demand.

Tourists coming by car commonly park at the end of the Teraja road, just in front of the longhouse, where the residents welcome visitors with trademark Iban hospitality.

According to a statement from Longhouse Head Jamit anak Lasah, the place received more than 200 visitors in November alone.

The Brunei Times