Police debunk social media report on three ‘kidnapped’ girls

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THE social media message that said three girls were kidnapped over the weekend was debunked by police yesterday after investigations revealed that they were actually out with an acquaintance without their parents knowledge or consent.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in a statement, said that a police report was lodged on November 29 by concerned parents regarding their daughter together with three other female relatives not returning home since November 28.

A public tip-off received on the same day the report was lodged led to their discovery and reunion with the parents at the police station.

Upon further investigations it was revealed that the girls had gone out without the parent's consent with an acquaintance who the parents did not know about.

The RBPF, in the statement issued an advisory for youths to ensure their parents or guardians are informed of their whereabouts whenever they are out of their residence.

The RBPF also warned the public against spreading inaccurate and/or baseless news, information or messages as it is an offence punishable under Section 34 of the Public Order Act, Cap 148.

If found guilty, the sentence carries a maximum of three years in jail or a fine of $3000.

The Brunei Times