Two restaurants in Tutong graded ‘A’ for cleanliness

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ONLY two out of 37 eateries under the control of the Tutong District Office were awarded with ‘Grade A’ in cleanliness ratings this year.

The two restaurants are Ideal Food Industries Sdn Bhd and Pachi Machi Restaurant & Bakery. Meanwhile, 15 eateries were awarded with grade B, 19 obtained grade C and one received grade D.

Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Hj Ismail Hj Abd Manaf, handed over the grading certificates.

In his welcoming speech, Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Md Ali said that the panel of inspections comprised the Tutong District Office, Tutong Health Service Department, the Fire and Rescue Department, Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) Tutong branch and two representatives from private companies.

The first round of grading inspections was conducted in April this year; the second was carried out in October.

“The panel of inspections focuses on all aspects of food services such as food supply, food storage, food provision, food services, food control, and food cleaning operation,” said Wardi.

Other factors were sanitary importance of the toilets, waste management, premise condition as well as equipment and insect control.

The objective of the grading system was to encourage owners and managers of eateries to carry out healthy and safe business practice in their premises.

The grading guidelines are awarded based on percentages: grade A (91 per cent to 100 percent), grade B (81 per cent to 90 per cent), grade C (71 per cent to 80 per cent) and grade D (below 70 per cent).

“Eateries that get below 70 per cent which is grade D, will not receive the letter grade certificate,” said Wardi.

Those graded below 65 per cent have to attend counselling sessions where they would be advised and trained by the panel on ways to improve on their cleanliness until they are able to reach 71 per cent and above.

“When the inspection score is below 50 per cent, the eateries would be advised to be closed temporarily for three days and a follow-up inspection will be conducted.

“If the result from the inspection is satisfactory, the eateries/ restaurants will be supported to continue operating. If the result is unsatisfactory, the eateries are advised to be closed temporarily for seven days,” said Wardi.

The district officer explained that those with grade D would not be closed down immediately, however, they would be given a period of time to clean up their premises.

“If they neglect to do it, then they would be closed down,” he added, urging eateries to aim for better grades to increase public confidence in the quality of their food services.

Receiving the award on behalf of Ideal Food Industries was its general manager, Hjh Norizmah Hj Ahmad Morshidi, who attributed the achievement of being awarded with 94.5 per cent to instilling the habit of cleanliness among its staff.

She shared that the staff at the eatery followed cleaning procedures such as ensuring the premises are kept clean around the clock.

“About toilets, we have a check list every 15 minutes for cleaners,” Hjh Norizmah said.

“We can’t wait for the Ministry of Health to check on us. We must have the routine habit of ensuring the place is clean,” she added.

There was no representative from Pachi Machi Restaurant & Bakery present to receive the award during the ceremony.

The Brunei Times