Traffic offences rise in November

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) recorded over 30 per cent increase in traffic offence cases in the first four weeks of November with 1255 cases recorded for the month.

The offences rose by 32.6 per cent from a total of 946 traffic violations recorded in the previous month.

Speeding remained the top offence in the compound cases category based on a compilation of weekly reports from the Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL).

A total of 433 cases were recorded from November which was up from the 378 speeding offences reported in October.

Illegal parking was the second most committed compound offence with 132 cases from 83 offences last month.

Under docket cases, violations relating to expired road taxes topped the list with 100 cases.

Cases involving expired road taxes have been noted to be increasing since September with 70 cases and it continued to rise to 89 cases in October.

This was followed by expired road taxes, with 73 cases recorded for the first four weeks of November. According to a statement by the RBPF, three bus drivers were compounded for violating the red light sign, which included two public buses.

The offences by the bus drivers were committed in the second week of November and their licenses are currently being considered for revocation as their actions were deemed to have potentials to inflict harm to passengers.

The RBPF in its statements advised motorists and members of the public to prevent themselves from being involved in traffic offences and to obey the traffic rules. The motorists were also advised to be considerate on the road and to respect their fellow road users to prevent accidents.

The Brunei Times